07b / 2015

Come, Look and Vote!

Selected Festival

Within the Selected Festival Otzarreta Comunicación will be a sponsor of the "Come, Look and Vote" competition.

The commitment to quality in graphical design, photographic directing and printing that Otzarreta Comunicación is well known for and our commitment to future professionals have encouraged us to support this initiative.

It is a selection of the best works presented by design students, made during the course of the academic year.

During the Selected Festival (27th and 28th November 2015), the works and pieces chosen will be exhibited at the Iñaki Azkuna building (formerly the Alhóndiga of Bilbao), as a representation of Europe-inspired visual expression.

Among the categories, within the broad spectrum of design, Otzarreta Comunicación will pay particular attention to those related to graphical design, product design, illustration, photography and freestyle, among others.

It will undoubtedly be an event charged with inspiration.